Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Laura Girotti

I love animals in their entirety, it is as if I knew them all and I feel the need to take care of them as if they were all brothers and sisters. I really enjoy working at crochet and I do even for animals. With the proceeds I will do activism in defense of our fellow non-human life as well as humans less fortunate.

Animals are my Masters and accompany me in daily choices, by the way I don't eat animals. I believe there is beauty in everything and in every human being, regardless of the species and breed to which it belongs. My motto is "Each life is worth".

I've combined my passion for animals to crochet, hence the name "UncinettoAnimaletto":-)

Amo gli animali nella loro totalità, è come se li conoscessi tutti e sento il bisogno di prendermi cura di loro come fossero tutti fratellini e sorelline. Mi piace molto lavorare all'uncinetto e lo faccio anche per gli animali. Con il ricavato mi impegno a fare attivismo in difesa dei nostri compagni di vita non umani ed anche per gli umani meno fortunati.

Gli animali sono i miei maestri e mi accompagnano anche nelle scelte quotidiane, a proposito non mangio gli animali. Credo ci sia bellezza in ogni cosa e in ogni essere, indipendentemente dalla specie e razza a cui appartiene. Il mio motto è "Ogni vita vale".

Ho unito la mia passione per gli Animali a quella per l'Uncinetto, da qui è nato il nome "UncinettoAnimaletto" :-) 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alan Kingwell

During my years working for the Forestry Commission, I had the opportunity to experience the forest and moorlands in their many different moods throughout the year and, although in that period I had little time to paint, I still draw today on the images I recall and the feelings they invoke.
I still get the same excitement when faced with a blank canvas.  And it still amazes me to watch each picture grow, sometimes in an unexpected direction.  I often find it difficult to part with a finished work - I like to live with a painting for a while, but that's rarely the case, for as soon as it is completed it goes off to gallery and I never see it again.  My work is regularly shipped to Ireland, where it is exhibited and sold in galleries throughout the country.
Over the last few years I have endeavoured to share the techniques that I have developed by holding regular oil painting workshops for very small groups, teaching people of all abilities. These have proved to be very popular, and I always ensure that a pupil goes home with a painting that they can be proud of.
In June 2002 my career nearly came to an abrupt end when, on a walk with my family at The Dewerstone on the River Plym, I fell more than 35 ft into the swollen river breaking several ribs and receiving a severe compound fracture of the right forearm.  The injury was so bad that the surgeons considered amputation, but they managed to piece my arm back together in a 5 hour operation.  9 months of physiotherapy followed before I was able to paint again.  I will always be grateful to everyone concerned in my recovery.
One of the highlights of my career so far was having a painting shortlisted as one of 200 out of 15,000 entries in the Daily Mail 'NOT The Turner Prize' 2004.  This painting was entitled 'Moonlight' and it was the first painting that I completed after my accident.  I dedicated this painting to my partner, Mags, who helped me through the months of recuperation.  It was exhibited and sold in The Mall Galleries in London. My art means more to me than just an income, and not being able to paint is a thing that I cannot contemplate.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mary Lou Lawson

Mary Lou Lawson - is an accomplished artist who does everything from portrait in oil and still life in watercolor.
Mary spent seven years under the gentle tutelage of Renee Travis Reilly in her Spring Life Studio in SW Minneapolis. She was a talented and well educated artist with a MFA from Notre Dame and a BA from the University of Iowa.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Annie Lemay

"Annie is not with us anymore, she lost her battle with cancer - 1962 - 2014"

Annie Lemay was born in Quebec, raised in Chicago, East & West Africa and beautiful British Columbia.

Her first camera was a 110 camera, given to her by her father in Montreal, in 1975. Her true passion for photography grew with her mother's gardens. The 110 has grown into a Nikon D2x, the passion is as strong as could be. Everything has a beauty, if you look for it. You can find Annie walking her dog Gizmo with her camera on a daily basis, shooting anything that attracts her eyes, no rules.
She now resides in Mission, BC. You can view her work by visiting her  at

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Patrick J. Lemieux

Patrick J. Lemieux - Born in Canada and raise in the United States, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Tanzania and Mexico.

Passion for photography began in my early teens when I was given a camera for Christmas while living in East Africa.

Landscape and wildlife are my favorite subjects to shoot. I never look for the perfect shot, I let the perfect shot find me.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Matthew Hamblen

Matthew Hamblen - A self-taught painter, he paints in acrylics to great effect; he uses the full gamut of colors, giving many of this paintings a rainbow-like quality. Of note are his Lollypop Trees, which can be found in numerous paintings and are just a joy to look at.
There is little doubt that Matt is an artist to be watched, as simply Googling the word "Mattsart" will prove.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mariaan Maritz Krog

Mariaan Krog - Writing, Painting, Photography, Designing and Dressmaking.

Piero Lucia - Graphic Design/Layout/Author/Writer, Self

"Piero is no longer with us, he passed away suddenly,  1957 - 2013"

Piero Lucia - I have been in the graphic design for a few years already and I am familiar with most popular computer software on the market today for photography, word processing and web design. I started with photography in 1981, a time when there were no computer and everything was done by hand. With time I attended classes for computer graphics and self-taught and learned on the job lots of tricks that made my job easy. I can now say that I am worthy the title of Graphic Designer in the field of printing and publishing. I recently engaged in the art of writing and produced my first book by the title "Chronicles from Outer Space" available on major resellers online. This book was entirely made by me, story, editing, layout, cover, and publishing too.
I am of Italian heritage, the land of artists, and was into drawing, designing since 9 - 10 year-old and kept on doing it until now.


Howard Layte

Howard Layte, owner of Country Gallery, has painted and taught painting in the area for 25 years. He travels each year to find new subject matter. His acrylic paintings are painted southwest style.

You can view his work at